Our history

Like many other good ideas, Teacher Mentors Abroad started by chance.

In January 2005, a mission team of Canadians from St. Paul’s Leaskdale, Ontario, hosted a youth leadership camp in Hainamosa, a needy community outside Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. In this community, both public and private schools face the challenges of being under-resourced. Dominican teachers noticed the co-operative learning strategies used by the Canadians in working with the youth and asked to learn more about this instructional approach.

TMA was created in response to this request. A group of Canadian educators facilitated a summer workshop for 70 teachers in Hainamosa. It was such a success that both the Dominicans and the Canadians realized there was a need for a bigger program. Future workshops on instructional strategies were planned based on a “train the trainers” model.

To date, TMA has trained more than 2000 teachers, principals and system leaders and handed out more than 1700 Tribes Spanish version books to participants.

Teacher Mentors Abroad is a registered not-for-profit charity with no religious or political affiliations. TMA mentors are change agents, striving for and motivated by a better education for students today in an effort to increase their chances of a brighter tomorrow.

TMA builds dynamic learning partnerships with teachers in under-resourced communities.

About US

Investing in Teachers
Our core belief is that good instructional practices engage all students

Teacher Mentors Abroad (TMA) is a Canadian not-for-profit organization that helps teachers in needy communities improve their instructional practices and positively impact the achievement of their students. Operating on a “train the trainer” model of sustainable development, Canadian teacher mentors are sent abroad to provide professional development and train mentors in their home communities, building capacity amongst those living and working in under-resourced areas. Canadian mentors volunteer their time and money by developing workshops as a team and paying their own way on these work trips. Research supports the belief that when it comes to making improvements in education and student success, no investment yields more reward than improved teacher training. It simply makes sense. Teachers with access to training, can do more for students in their care. Since its inception in 2005, TMA has seen evidence of the tremendous educational change that is possible when one invests in teachers.

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We foster emerging local leaders willing to guide and coordinate future training and development opportunities for their peers.


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